Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tesla Team of Croatia drives Rally Budapest (Hungary) - Bamako (Mali)

Team Tesla - powered by RWE Croatia reached $6000 + funding goal on Indiegogo as part of fund raising for their participation in Rally Budapest (Hungary) - Bamako (Mali). 

Oleg Mastruko (author, photographer and BUG and MREZA magazine contributor) and Sasa Cvetojevic (entrepreneur and electric car enthusiast) will drive 8629 km long amateur rally which can be compared to Paris - Dakar. 

Budapest - Bamako is rather Rally for regular people with irregular intentions. Start is on January 12 and planned completion on January 28, 2018.

Green Motion Planet will follow this electric car Team on their journey as they drive Model X. This will be great test for purely electric vehicle made by Tesla Motors and even bigger test of will and stamina for the Team.

Team Tesla Croatia - Oleg Mastruko and Sasa Cvetojevic

A word from Drivers:

Hi, this is a campaign to get funding for Team Tesla Powered by RWE for Budapest - Bamako rally, largest amateur rally in the world. We plan to go with Tesla X fully electric car!

Main sponsor of our project is, quite fittingly, energy company RWE, Croatian branch of the innogy group, one of the leading energy companies in Europe. In Croatia, they are mostly known as electricity and gas providers.

The project is in Croatian, because we plan to write travelogue in Croatian language, for our Croat readers (and others who understand Croatian). We will also post high quality photos. So, since photos do not require any translation – if you like nice photos and/or electric cars you can support the campaign too....

The rally itself is challenging enough, but to go with the electric car makes it almost completely crazy. Check out the video above, with the rough route shown. Follow, and of course participate in this campaign! As the campaign draws to a close, we will publish the name of the Facebook group and the media outlets that will be used to publish the photos, stories and news from Team Tesla Powered by RWE. Thanks!

Oleg & Sasa

Check their Indiegogo campaign here.

Route Budapest - Bamako

Link to whole schedule of Budapest - Bamako Rally find here.

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