Dear EV enthusiasts, welcome to electric Universe!
With Green Motion Planet my intention is to support quicker transition to sustainable transportation possibly powered by renewable energy sources. 

Also, we want to create the best global electric, plug in hybrid, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle's marketplace.

We do serve as reference point and guide to charging stations across Europe and globally.

20 years ago I lived in Ilica street, in the Center of the city of Zagreb in Croatia. As I would walk to the street and try to go a market place 300 meters down the road I had to hold my breath as I felt poisoned by fumes of the cars. Back then I realised that something needs to be done, that a major shift in car and energy industry has to happen in order to protect the clean air. Than in 2004 I saw how T-Zero home made EV sports car won over gas powered muscle cars over and over again. I got really excited about electric cars. 

Tesla Roadster 1 appearance was another moment of excitement. For me Tesla Roadster was a slap in the face of oil based car industry. 

Than there was a movie "Who killed the electric car", a great story of GM's EV1 car. I still think EV1 is amazing design. 

In 2009. we formed Greenergo Association and created couple of great sustainable transportation events in Croatia with lectures, videos and concerts. Great and very exciting time!

Than 2 years ago, in 2014, I joined Nikola Tesla EV Rally driving Mitsubishi MiEV and, together with a driver colleague, was actually a winner of one in the streets rally in the city of Zagreb. Meeting with Maye Musk, a mother of Elon Musk, a Founder of Tesla was one of the rally highlights too. Our Team won Zagreb Nikola Tesla EV Rally in 2015.

My deep believe is that we have right to breath a clean air and that in this moment of history of humankind electric powered vehicles are solution for individual sustainable transportation. In that matter renewable sources of energy, lightweight and high power storage batteries, affordable electric cars with a good support network for electric powered vehicles together with recycling options are key factors for global success of EV's. 

Also smart usage of the cars already on the streets (filling up those empty seats that run around in thousands every day) and using and creating new transportation services like car and scooter sharing and usage of electric and regular bicycles are of equal importance. We are already working on a project Carmaride which is about to address that issue.

As I was born in the land of Nikola Tesla - who was inventor of electro-motor and originator of electrical power system that we use today, I naturally feel inspired by his work and his vision to empower this planet with electric power. He imagined a free distribution of energy as a service to humanity. We fell short on that one as our electricity bills are still here and there is still no wireless transmission of energy on a large scale.

With Green Motion Planet we are in a process of creating a meeting space which will serve as promotion and market place for sustainable mobility and renewable energy sources.

We as a humanity and our future generations deserve to live in this wonderful world given to us. With the right choices and a slight change in our thinking and habits we are the one who can make this change happen. Let's take a part in creating amazing new world - together.

Let your next car be electric! 

Svemir Vranko

Svemir Vranko, a Founder of  Green Motion Planet

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