Friday, December 01, 2017

Electric car brand Rimac Automobili teases new supercar

Following on from the Rimac Concept One, the new hypercar is a game changer, says Rimac.

Croatian electric supercar maker Rimac has given us the first indication of the shape its second generation hypercar will take when it arrives as the follow-up of the Concept One.

Rimac has given us little more than a dark silhouette to work with but we can see from the teaser that the new car is still obviously a supercar in form, featuring a recognisable mid-engined car shape and aggressive aero. Unlike the sleek Concept One, the first thing we can see is a rear wing and deeper front splitter. Looking closely at the image, it is also possible to see production car-like mirrors, usually a tell-tale sign of whether a car being shown is a concept or production car.

Please read the whole news by Jordan Katsianis on EVO.

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