Monday, November 27, 2017

A New Vehicle Has More Energy Capacity Than a Tesla and More Torque Than a Tank

Nikola Zero electric utility vehicle                           Photo credit Nicola Corp.


With sedans, SUVs, semi trucks, and even buses being converted to run on electricity, it was only matter of time before off-road vehicles were given the same treatment. In this particular case,  however, it’s an off-road vehicle with capabilities that outmatch most EVs in production and even some heavy-duty tanks.

Enter the Nikola Zero UTV (utility task vehicles) from Nikola Powersports, a vehicle that enables drivers to take their trip off-road and drive for miles without the harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

The Nikola Zero has a base price of $35,000 and currently has two models: one that has 415 horsepower and another with 555 horsepower. Both models can be equipped with a 75 kWh, 100 kWh or 125 kWh battery pack, with the final option enabling the vehicle to travel nearly 321 km (200 miles) on a single charge. Even the lesser battery capacity will still allow for a range beyond 160 km (100 miles).

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