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Electric Cars 2015 — Prices, Efficiency, Range, Pics, More

Update [December 31, 2014]: Since this article still gets a lot of traffic, rather than create an entirely new article for 2015, I’m simply changing this 2014 list to a 2015 list. Also, as I have done in the past year, I will update the info here when new cars or data arrive. In case it is helpful to anyone, I will also start putting updates on the bottom of this page to note when and where I made changes. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this page as useful as it is, and thanks to everyone who does so in the future!
Wondering what electric cars are on the market or soon will be? Wonder no more. I’m going to run down all of them in the article below. I will also add a few key details and commentary for each one (including prices, efficiency, range, and # of seats when such information is available).
Renault ZOE: 169 MPGe, 5 seats, 210 km (130 miles) European (warped) testing.
Price: € 20,900 (British Pounds 13.995), 100% electric, Europe.

If I were on the market for a car, the Renault Zoe would certainly be in the running. It’s a good-looking, 100%-electric, super-affordable car with great reviews. It’s about the same price in France, its home country, as the Nissan Leaf is in the US, and just a little more than the base Leaf costs in France (€18,090). Basically, the choice comes down to personal preferences.
Only behind the Leaf, the Zoe was the 2nd-best-selling electric car in Europe in 2013. Despite only being available in Europe, it was the 6th-best-selling electric car in the world in 2013 — the highest-ranking car to be available on only one continent.

Please read the whole article on Evobsession here.

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