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All-electric Formula 1-style race series launches in 2014

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Formula 1 may be the most glamorous racing series in the world, but those V-8 gasoline powered engines aren't exactly in touch with today's environmentally conscious society. To counter this, the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) is getting set to launch Formula E.
Using electric cars that look suspiciously similar to their gas-guzzling F1 bretheren, Formula E will also be a global series, run on street circuits in different cities around the world. Ten teams will vie for the championship, and as in F1, each team will have two drivers.  Of course one key problem with electric cars is their short range, so each driver will switch over to a fresh fully-charged car at the midway point in the race. That should make pit stops interesting.

The FIA says that the cars can accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds, so any thoughts that this will be like a bunch of racing golf carts should be quickly dispelled. One big difference will be noise levels, with Formula E cars at full speed making less noise than a city bus.
The inaugural Formula E series will kick off in Brazil on November 13 2014, with up to 12 races over the following eight months. Currently there are plans to hold two races in the USA, in Miami and Los Angeles. Hopefully they will remember to stop the normal commuter traffic on these street circuits, otherwise it could be a very slow race.
Check out the video to see a promo for Formula E. Perhaps they should reconsider the idea of having children playing next to the track with no barrier protection as you see at the 1.12 mark.

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