Friday, September 28, 2018

Rimac C Two

On today's Sun, Friday 28 September of the Lord's summer 2018, this electric racing beast shone on Štrosmajerov trg in Zagreb: Rimac C Two Only a live experience can really convey the simultaneous controlled power, playfulness of lines, dominance of width and length, and yet a certain elegance of lines. Golden trim and aerodynamics, at the same time a retro experience like a Corvette, and futuristic like an aircraft from the future.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tiff Needell drives The Electric Tesla GT P100DL

A Tiff Nadel's Team was invited to Barcelona for an exclusive first drive of the brand new Electric GT Tesla P100DL race car. Racing driver Tiff Needell got first dibs and was unquestionably the right man for the job to get behind the wheel for a short drive around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

This is excellent example how Tesla Grand Prix could look like!

The top of the pops EV charger

When it come s to owning an electric car the most important thing is to have it charged and ready for your next busy day or a weekend escape...