Sunday, December 18, 2016

SONDORS Electric Car

Photo credit: Sondors

“There are enough creators for useless stuff and very few who actually create what's useful. Henry Ford built the first affordable car and changed the face of transportation. I want to build the first affordable electric vehicle and transform transportation once again.

I first started an electric bicycle company because I wanted to ride in Malibu, feeling free and having fun. I wanted to offer a bicycle that was built with high quality components for under $1,000. Everybody thought it could not be done. I have since shipped SONDORS electric bikes to the delight of more than 17,000 loyal SONDORS owners worldwide.  Now I want to build an electric vehicle for $10,000.

Photo credit: Sondors

The next great American electric vehicle is being built in my garage. Together we will start the electric transportation revolution." 

- Storm Sondors Chief Electric Officer & CEO

Become part of SONDORS Electric Car creation here.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Audi E-Tron sport back vs. Tesla model X

  Audi e-tron, photo by audi-mediacenter. In the late summer, we (Electrek) were given the keys to  Audi’ s second all-electric car, the  E-...